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Tracing the Silk Road: observations from China’s West

January 18, 2013


My journey westwards started on China’s coast, in Suzhou, an ancient city north of Shanghai renowned for the canals that weave between its willows and whitewashed walls. It’s also the city that made Marco Polo fall in love with China and home to one of the nation’s most famous inventions: silk. So it was fitting […]

Yangshuo 阳朔 (Guanxi province)

June 13, 2011


I’m currently staying in the little village of Moon Hill, just outside Yangshuo. Yangshuo is about one hour north of Guilin, the province of Guangxi’s capital. The quaint village of Moon Hill sits about 10 minutes out of Yangshuo. Named for the famous crescent shape etched into the mountain behind the village, it is a […]

Changing China & Shanghai highlights

June 10, 2011


“Stand on the Bund at night and be humbled. Because it’s clear it’s not our century anymore.” – Tom Ford I spent yesterday in the buzzing craziness of Shanghai. It was my first return since visiting in January 2009, and it seems a lot has changed in such a short time! Here are some of […]

Alibaba: China’s genie in the bottle

June 8, 2011


We are constantly told that China is the factory of the world. It’s true – choose any item of clothing that you’re wearing right now and there’s a high chance it was made in China. If none of your clothes were made here, then pick almost any item on your desk. Even your precious iPhone […]

Chinglish – adventures in new languages

May 27, 2011


English may well be considered the closest thing we’ve got to a “global language”, but anybody who thinks that our native-speaker status gives us a linguistic upper-hand is very mistaken. Depending on which websites you visit and which newspapers you read, there are approximately 300 million English learners in China. According to a study by […]

Hangzhou 杭州 : West Lake 西湖

May 22, 2011


Today I visited the most beautiful site of one of China’s most beautiful cities (their words not mine, though I do agree!) – West Lake, or in hanzi, 西湖. One of most striking features of Hangzhou is that unlike many Chinese cities – which limit their parks and nature to designated areas – Hangzhou is […]

Hong Kong: hunting for history

February 11, 2011


Kat Hing Wai (吉慶圍) is a walled village in Hong Kong’s New Territories. It is home to about 400 descendants of the Tang clan, who built the wall in the early 1600s to protect their village from bandits. Today, most of the homes inside have been renovated but the six-metre thick wall still remains. The […]