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Kolkata: cosmopolitan chaos

November 27, 2015


I arrived in Kolkata in the heart of monsoon season, a time when the air is so thick you’re forced to chew as you inhale. I’d flown in on an early morning IndiGo from Hyderabad, a balmier city protected by its high altitude breezes (more on my time in that city here). I hired a […]

The secret stories of bush plants

August 11, 2014


When I was a child one of my favourite stories was a beautiful little picture book that that told tales of the fairies of the Australian bush.  It was one of my favourites because these flower fairies reflected the plants I saw, smelt and touched on our family’s farm. They weren’t fairies draped in dainty cherry blossoms and […]

Tracing the Silk Road: observations from China’s West

January 18, 2013


My journey westwards started on China’s coast, in Suzhou, an ancient city north of Shanghai renowned for the canals that weave between its willows and whitewashed walls. It’s also the city that made Marco Polo fall in love with China and home to one of the nation’s most famous inventions: silk. So it was fitting […]

Hunting for honey and tigers in the Sundarbans

April 21, 2012


Fun fact about Bangladesh #1: Statistically, there is one human death every three days that is attributed to an attack by the infamous Royal Bengal Tiger. All of these incidents take place in the southwestern corner of Bangladesh, a steamy, mangrove jungle known to the locals as the Sundarbans. Apparently the Bengal tiger has a […]

5 Things to Experience in Dhaka

January 30, 2012


Dhaka is not a place that sits at the top of many tourists’ Must-See lists. Even the Bangladeshis seem to struggle to find nice things to say about their capital. And to set an even bleaker scene, in a 2011 survey Dhaka was ranked as the world’s second worst city in the world to live […]

Durga Puja in Puran Dhaka

October 7, 2011


Yesterday marked the fifth and final day of Durga Puja, a major Hindu festival dedicated to the Goddess Durga. The event marks the victory of Durga over the demon Mahishadura, and is a particularly significant religious festival for Bengali-speaking Hindus. The streets of Old Dhaka – particularly around Dhakeswari National Temple, Sadarghat port and Shakhari […]

Sunrises and sunsets in Sri Lanka

September 14, 2011


Sitting in the late afternoon sunlight watching the deep blue ocean and a game of beachside cricket between the locals sounds like a typical Aussie Summer weekend. In fact, I was on the other side of the Indian Ocean, in Sri Lanka, relishing the chance to witness the country celebrate the end of Ramadan, a […]