Hong Kong: hunting for history

Posted on February 11, 2011


Kat Hing Wai (吉慶圍) is a walled village in Hong Kong’s New Territories.

It is home to about 400 descendants of the Tang clan, who built the wall in the early 1600s to protect their village from bandits.

Today, most of the homes inside have been renovated but the six-metre thick wall still remains. The gate to the village is guarded by an entrepreneurial crowd of old women, who pose in traditional fringed hats for $HK20.

The village is in an area known as Kam Tin (錦田) which can be accessed via the Kam Sheung Road station. We took a double-decker bus to get home, via Tai Po Market – it’s an interesting journey that goes quite close to the Chinese border, and meanders through rural and industrial areas.